Xiangyu Hotel(pending)
Address: No.10, North Renmin Road, Chengdu, China



Being one of the most livable mega-cities in China, Chengdu is acknowledged as a “slow-paced” and "laid-back" city. The hot-spicy cuisine, wide-spread Mahjong playing and traditional teahouse culture have become the integrated part of locals’ lifestyle.
From Chengdu, you can easily head for those famous must-see attractions in the neighboring areas, including Giant Panda Bases at Bigfengxia and Wolong, picturesque Jiuzhaigou/Huanglong, Taoist Qingcheng Mount and ancient Dujiangyan Irrigation Project used for more than 2,200 years (World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO), the Buddhist mountains of Emeishan and Leshan (World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO), etc.

作为中国最宜居的特大城市之一,成都被认为是一座“慢节奏”和“悠闲”的城市。 麻将麻将、传统茶馆文化已成为当地人生活方式的一部分。
从成都出发,您可以轻松前往周边地区的著名必游景点,包括大凤峡和卧龙大熊猫基地、风景如画的九寨沟/黄龙、道教青城山以及拥有 2200 多年历史的都江堰古水利工程(世界文化 联合国教科文组织遗产)、佛教名山峨眉山、乐山(联合国教科文组织世界文化遗产)等。

Top things to do on Chengdu tours

  • See giant pandas at Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
  • Discover the mysteries of ancient cultural ruins
  • Taste the authentic Sichuan cuisine along the street, possibly have a cooking class
  • Cultural immersion experience in Chengdu
  • Watch the face-changing show of Sichuan Opera
  • Join a panda keeper program to work as a volunteer
  • Chengdu trip to Leshan Giant Buddha
  • Side trip to Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and Mount Qingcheng

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